Hippocrates: "For every sickness there is a plant which cures it."

Where to obtain
the Ebnera-Royale herbal remedy

Ebnera-Royale curative herb

Due to the advantages in storing and shipment the original raw Ebnera-Royale root is now available as dried root in capsules, which can be shipped Worldwide by postal letter.

The root as capsules:

One portion (about 300 mg, 90 capsules) is sufficient for treatment lasting 1-3 months.
Price upon request.

Naturopaths and long term patients

Resellers, such as medical doctors, pharmacies, naturopaths and long term patients can receive a volume discount. Please ask.

Order online

Please order by E-amil, stating:
  • The number of portions required.
  • The delivery address.
  • In Thailand

    You can purchase Ebnera-Royal herbal remedy in Sakon Nakhon:
    (Telephone or E-mail appointment only.)
    Ebnera-Royale Thailand
    482/20 Kamsa-at Soi 3
    Sakon Nakhon 47000
    Tel: 08 1262 9540