History of Ebenra-Royale

– For every sickness there is a plant which cures it...

Friedrich “Freddy” Ebner tells:

I was trained in Natural Healing Science in Germany and Scandinavia and later had many years experience as an Alternative Medicine practioner.
        Then my wife died of liver cancer in 1994 after a short illness. The death of my wife focused my mind on the possibility that natural healing methods might be used in the fight against this dreadful disease. For Hippocrates stated that for every illness there is a plant that can help.
        Eventually I came to N.E. Thailand where I worked for a time in a hospital. There I met an old Buddhist monk who told me of a plant which grew in the region and was believed by many of the local people to be effective against a range of illnesses, including ailments now believed to be cancer.
        With the help of a number of the hospital doctors a series of tests were carried out on patients with a variety of complaints, using the plant. These tests included patients with various cancers. The results were so encouraging that I felt that the plant rhizome should be scientifically and specifically tested against cancer in an European institute.
        After many efforts a reputable laboratory in Manchester, England in 1999 agreed to undertake the preliminary trials. These trials showed that the plant rhizome can destroy cancer cells in the laboratory. This was extremely encouraging.
        Despite hard work to get this message out to the public we only recently managed to attract scientific interest in the plant. At present work is being carried out at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus to further determine the constituents of the rhizome and the name of the unique species. To date it has been concluded that the plant is member of the curcuma family, that it is a new species and that it has cytotoxic properties on cancer cells in general.
        Ample research has been undertaken regarding the characteristic chemical curcumin present in many of the species in the curcuma family including ours references.
        From the work done by many others references this explains both the reduction of tumors and the positive effects on the general health, that I have observed as well as the effects seen by the monks for centuries.
        From the research being carried out at the University of Copenhagen we have learned that our rhizome contains numerous cytotoxic chemicals apart from curcumin. At present the work has not been completed but it is our preliminary conclusion these additional components are why my treatment has been so successful.
        Our empiric work in Thailand over the past 24 years shows that there are no perceived side-effects, and the treatment is being offered to the general public suffering from cancer and hepatitis.
        For a number of years we were treating the patients here in Thailand only at my private health center “Behandlungscenter”, as we were told that the root had to be taken fresh. However, we learned from experience that a dried root works as well, so now we can produce the root as capsules. This is why we made this unusual cancer curing plant – this herbal remedy for cancer, hepatitis, and all immune system related illnesses – available Worldwide.
        If you need some Capsules please do contact me. I’ll send them to an eventual Distributor or ship them directly to the patients.
        Please do contact me on E-mail or telephone.


Fredrich Ebner died in February 2019, Ebnera-Royale is continued by his wife Kulchacee Chomchaipol.