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Research and trials

After 24 years of empirical research by Freddy Ebner, the Danish naturopath who rediscovered the Ebnera-Royale root, Ebnera-Royale has now been recognised as a new, previously uncatalogued variety of Curcuma.

Extensive research is being carried out on Curcumin, the most well known of the ingredients of the varieties of this family of herbs. The herbal remedy Ebnera-Royale also contains other, very special active ingredients. These are the elements which combine to make Ebnera-Royale such an unusual and extraordinarily powerful herbal remedy.

Ingredients which are able to destroy cancer cells

Meanwhile, research scientists have been able to identify still more ingredients which are able to destroy cancer cells.

It has been established that this curative herb has properties which are able to reduce the size of cancer tumours and that it can also strengthen the body’s immune system.

The Ebnera-Royale root has already been researched, and is still undergoing continual study by a leading pharmaceutical laboratory in Manchester, England and The University of Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark, amongst others.

The University of Copenhgen has also discovered that as well as Curcumin, the plant also contains other products which are toxic for cancer cells. The final results of the research are not forseeable as the study of the plant is not yet complete. It has however been clearly established that all these other ingredients greatly contribute to the fact that this plant is such an effective herbal cure.


It has been observed that not only for cancer, but Ebnera-Royale also achieves excellent results with Hepatitis and many other complaints including diarrhoea and other infections of the digestive tract, cardiac and circulation problems - all due to the fact that Ebnera-Royale improves the body’s own immune functions.

The treatment therefore also has the additional effect of being greatly beneficial and stimulating to the entire system.

Side effects

Empirical experience with Ebnera-Royale in Thailand over the last 24 years has revealed no side effects whatsoever.