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Patients’ comments

on the effect of the Ebnera-Royale herbal cure...

All comments are excerpts from genuine original e-mails, sent to Mr. Freddy Ebner or to Ebnera-Royale.com. Mr. Freddy Ebner is the Danish naturopath who rediscovered the Ebnera-Royale root.

The following are a few shortened examples of comments received from users of Ebnera-Royale (translated from the original German):

Gabi M.
»I visited my friend yesterday. I just can’t tell you how happy I am... He is bubbling with vitality!!! He was in a really good mood again. It is almost unbelievable how much courage he has found. He has been taking the root for three weeks now... His eyes are no longer so yellow - you can see that immediately. He has found the same appetite again that he had in May. It really is wonderfull to see this... Even the black marks on his arms have almost completely disappeared!!! I am really so pleased and I hope that he will get better and better.«
Sarna H.
»... thank you enormously for the roots... since this Chemo [therapy] I have come to a halt again. According to PE Test, no more activity has been monitored. My mother is healing me with her hands and I am taking the roots regularly... Everything is fine,! God bless her and protect her! «
Franz and Margit Z.
»Yesterday we established the fact that my wife has put on 3 Kg since taking the root. Her health is getting increasingly better and better. Her skin has begun to change and she is regaining so much more and more vitality that we ae unable to keep up with the changes and just don’t know how to thank you... After all the torture of Chemotherapy over the last few years, my wife has become very wary of the future prognosis. Will the situation be stable or is there fear of a relapse? What will happen next? Only the Almighty knows the answer...«
Douglas (original English)
»I’m feeling great at the moment and want to come back to Thailand as soon as possible. My blood tests show no cancer at the moment which is the same as they were in August. Thank God I finished my chemo. Never again will I go down that path! I am sure the root is helping...«
»I’m chomping away at the roots I brought with me... During an ultrasound examination the doctor could no longer identify any metastases in my liver! «
H.E., Germany
»Here are my observations. I have ordered capsules for friends of me. The cases are very different, but the response of the patients was always positive.«
Patient 1: A woman with breast cancer.
        It was diagnosed in time. The usual treatment of chemotherapy, surgery and then radiation therapy was given. I had initially given her some fresh roots, and then I gave her the capsules as accompanying treatment. The doctor was very satisfied with the development. The tumor shrank very fast and it was possible to remove it completely. Obviously a chemotherapy is not a walk in the park, but she overcame it well, and also the operation, and recovered quickly. One year has passed, and apparently she is cured completely, and to finish with it she’s taking a treatment at a health resort. No metastases were found, and she feels good.
Patient 2: A man already in the advanced stage – stage 3 to 4
        – of cancer of the liver, with metastases.

        He was already been given up Christmas 2006 and the prognosis was 4 weeks. In addition to the medical chemotherapy, we started the treatment with Ebnera-Royale capsules. After some time he felt better, the metastases shrank to a minimum size. The doctor spoke about a miracle. Obviously the damage had already been serious, but he still lives, he even works a little. He continues to take the capsules. A complete cure can of course not be expected anymore, but for sure an improvement of his overall condition and a significant increase of his expectancy of life.
Patient 3: An older man with prostate cancer.
        The doctors first did not want to operate anymore, but then they did it, accompanied by Ebnera-Royale. Today he is in the best of health.
Patient 4: A man with lung cancer.
        One lobe of the lung was removed, chemotherapy was given, also radiation therapy. Certainly a serious case, still with an open end. He started immediately to take the capsules. Definitely they have improved his general condition and so far no other tumors have been found. The family is convinced that the remedy has helped him essentially to survive this whole torture.
In all cases Ebnera-Royale had positive effects, and no negative side-effects. The success is certainly dependent on the severity of the disease, the affected organs and the timeliness of diagnosis. In all cases there were no complications, and the immune system was strengthened.
The negative side-effects of the partly very grave interventions and treatments were alleviated. All patients felt much better.
I hope you appreciate these brief descriptions even if they are not professionally and scientifically verifiable. Even small improvements can make a big difference with this serious illness.

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