– The cancer curing plant from Thailand’s nature

In remote parts of Thailand monks for centuries have known of the "Ebnera-Royale" root, which is a rare and almost forgotten variety of the curative plant Curcuma.
        An old Buddhist monk handed it over to the Danish naturopath Freddy Ebner. Research has found the effect of this species is far greater than that of the fifty or so other varieties of Curcuma. The curative effect comes from the rhizome, the horizontal running root that contains Curcumin, which is present in all Curcuma plants.
        The Ebnera-Royale root also contains other, very special active elements which combine to make it such an unusual and extraordinarily powerful remedy that has still not yet been fully researched.

Manchester, England 1999:
Tests have established that the roots of this plant are able to destroy cancer cells.

Empirical studies carried out in Thailand over the last 25 years have not shown any side effects.

The Ebnera-Royale can reduce the size of cancer tumors and strengthen the body’s immune system.

This unusual plant is also effective against Hepatitis.

»For every sickness there is a plant which cures it.«

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